Hi I'm Mirella, your personal fitness consultant at Just 4 B's Fitness. To me, fitness is a journey and not a destination. Fitness is also a lifestyle, and it involves a whole person, mind, body, and soul. It is not just about the pounds lost or gained or lifted. It is about finding a balance and being aware of your well-being; wanting to be your personal best.

Fitness goals change, as we change. Life happens, and we "fall off the horse." The key is to be aware of our limitations and harnessing our strengths to reach our goals, whether it's weight loss, improving functional fitness, flexibility, balance, increasing muscle mass or building endurance.

Since a very young age, I was always very active and fitness has always been at the center of my well-being.  I started figure skating, when I was a kid, then moved on to swimming, playing tennis, studying ballet, ballroom dance, Flamenco, and performing with a Polish folk dance group for eight years in the San Francisco Bay Area. Aerobics, U-jam, Zumba, and Strength Training have also all been an integral part of my fitness journey. 

After a car accident several years ago, my active lifestyle changed dramatically, and I learned about limitations and what I could and could not do. Thanks to a wonderful team of physical therapists, I was able to adapt and learn what was best for me and, most importantly, believe that I could not only recover but be fit again.

Why I created Just 4 B's Fitness and Be Fit For Life Programs

After getting frustrated with my limitations and not being able to find a way to get and stay fit at a gym (After all, I was not alone, as 67% of people never end-up using their gym memberships at all,) I wanted to create a system to be fit for life for myself and women, like me, over 50.

I have created routines that are fun, specifically designed for 50 plus that involve great music and dance, and are meant to help you get fit any time you "fall off the horse". And they are independent of any heavy-duty equipment, gyms, and studios.  They also employ the latest fitness techniques that are out there, are easy to follow, and give you tools that you need to get back to fitness any time "you fall off the horse," as we all do, at times.

If you have any other questions, check out our FAQ page or fill out the contact form.  Let's do it together.

Ready to begin getting fit for life? Sign-up today. Start tomorrow. Be fit for life.

Mirella Kaell, M.S., is a Personal Fitness Consultant at Just 4 B's Fitness, American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Member, MS Psychology; Leadership Development & Coaching, lifetime fitness aficionado.


At Just 4 B's Fitness, it doesn't matter where you are on your fitness journey. What matters is that you join us, and we help each other every step of the way. We are not here to make you a body builder. But when you start with us, you may go anywhere you wish, even become a body builder, if that's what you want. You just have to begin.

No gyms, no awkward heavy equipment, no waiting lists for classes, no parking hassles, no germ-packed locker rooms and bathrooms, no "judging eyes," just fun and easy to follow routines on your phone or tablet that go with you, wherever you are, and someone on the other side to help you along, support you in your efforts, remind you what to do and when. We take all the guess work out of getting fit. All you have to do is begin. We'll take it from there.

What about this online stuff? Well, if you're reading this on your phone and/or use Facebook, watch YouTube videos on a phone or tablet, you will be able to use our app with ease. Afer you sign-up, we send you a link, you create your own user name and password, and you're ready to go. Your training plan is created for you and each routine shows up on your calendar, automatically. We send you reminders, encouragement, and tweak the program, if needed. You have support all the way through and beyond. We have many ways for you to participate.

There are many ways to participate in Just 4 B's Fitness:

1. You may enroll in one of our online or in-person personal training programs or both. learn more...

2. You may follow us (Just4BsFitness) on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

3. You may join our private (closed to the outside) Facebook support group - Be Fit For Life - Fitness Over 50 to help us stick to our goals and help one another, when we fall of that proverbial horse.

In fact, you may do any or all of those things. It's your prorogative. You are awesome. You are here. You are on the quest to better yourself. And we are welcoming you with open arms. Let us know, if you have any questions, or how we can help. learn more... ;)

"I wanted to offer the over 50 ladies, like me, an alternative to staying fit for life, without having to go to a class or gym, which both can be intimidating and make us give up entirely. With our affordable program's 24-hr availability, you are in the driver's seat of your fitness, with someone to help you, and keep you on track along the way but without the high cost and time/schedule constraints of traditional personal training.

The four B's are: 1. Begin  2. Believe  3. Become  4. Better, and they stand for:  BEGIN-Just begin, don't wait for the perfect time, outfit, shoes, day, rather just start moving, doing something new, adding on a bit more each time. BELIEVE-Believe in yourself and that you can get better than you are right now, one-step-at-a-time. BECOME-It's O.K. to just become a better version of yourself. You're not competing against anyone other than yourself. BETTER-As long as you don't give up, you will become better little-by-little. And if you "fall of the horse," like we all do at times, you can start over again, where you are, and just begin anew. Ready? Sign-up today. Start tomorrow. Be fit for life.

Mirella ;)