• What if I am not happy with the program? Do I get a refund?

We are 100% committed to helping you get back on track in your fitness journey. Your satisfaction is paramount and 100% guaranteed. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with any of our programs, we will refund your purchase price, within 30 days of you completing the program.

  • What if I cannot complete the program? Do I get a refund?

No problem. If, for any reason, you cannot complete a program, we will prorate your program cost, and refund the percentage of the remaining portion of that program, or you may choose to leave a credit on your account to use it at a later date.

  • What if I miss a session?

No problem, you just complete it on the next day, when you can. Just give yourself one day of rest, before doing the next session. We understand that life happens, and you may miss a session, that's O.K. just get back to it, when you can. Your trainer will be in touch with you to help you get back on track.


  • How do I sign-up for your programs?

To sign-up for any of the programs,

1. Please select the program from the drop-down list and process your PayPal  or credit card payment securely via PayPal. click here and scroll down to "Choose a Plan"

2. You will receive an Email with further instructions, and the link to the app, so you can download the app to your phone or tablet and create your account.

3. We will take it from there and will be with you every step of the way on your journey to begin the Be Fit For Life quest.

  • I have never used any online personal training. How does that work? Is it hard to use your app?

If you can use Facebook or YouTube on your phone or tablet, you will find it easy to navigate. You will receive easy to follow instructions/videos on how to use the app itself. And we are here to answer any of your questions.

After you successfully sign-up for a training program, your trainer will create a program for you and schedule it for you. All you will do, is open your app, and complete each session by following the videos, especially created for people 50 plus.

  • Can I start the program any time?

Yes. We have set up our programs to be fun, easy to follow and stick to.

You have a choice of either a Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday or Wednesday/Friday schedule to keep it simple. However, you may always move a session to a different day or just complete on another day. We can also work with you on a custom schedule, if needed. You will also have additional suggested activities, for example: walking for 10 minutes on other days, and you can add your own, as you please.

Your main training sessions are always two days per week, with one day rest in-between. They get progressively more challenging, as you go along but we do not add more sessions during the week. But we also know, you will have fun and may just want to do more sessions on your own. That's O.K. too. as long as you get rest in-between sessions.

Are you ready to start getting fit for life? Click here and scroll down to "Choose a Plan."

If you have any other questions, please click here and contact us.